The Many Facets of Humanness

Asking what makes human beings unique brings to mind a seemingly endless list of attributes and activities, both positive and negative.

Self-awareness and free moral agency, speech and symbolic cognition, our nimble thumbs, conscience and the capacity to imagine: these are just a few of the traits that distinguish us from other species.

Join some of today's leading thinkers from a broad spectrum of backgrounds, including human origins, religion, psychology, biochemistry, social philosophy, humor, art and music, as they present their views on the many facets of humanness at the What Makes Us Human Conference, April 28 - 29, 2008.

Two days of panel discussions and question-and-answer opportunities will explore topics ranging from the age-old question of what sets us apart to what the future may hold for humanity.

An optional buffet reception in the Grand Foyer of the Museum of Natural History will give presenters and a limited number of conference attendees the opportunity to converse over dinner and a glass of Hook & Ladder wine while listening to an outstanding ensemble of young jazz musicians from The Colburn School.